Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Of Gold and Morning Light" Project - Inside Image 5 Sketch

Here is one concept I liked from a thumbnail. I blew it up and realized it from a more rough sketch. I realized later that it is not copasetic. It did not match the story. So I am going to abandon it for other shores. I wanted to focus on the Wizard anyway. I wanted to some more work on the guy in the middle ground. He's too small and I don't want him to be wearing that armour. He's the king, and I wanted him to look like a warrior, but more stately, not so much grizzled. It makes me sad because I really wanted to show the dworf in agony, betrayed, led away to captivity. I might still, but that would mean editing the story to fit the image. Which, in this case, would only be the rearranging of a few small words, nothing too drastic. Sheesh!

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