Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Of Gold and Morning Light" Project - Inside Image 5 Sketch 2

Yet again. I can't leave it alone, but I think I am going to opt for something less obvious. I keep adding to this image. However, I think it needs something more emotive.

Here are another couple of concepts. I like these, but I know me and I am not happy with it. Something needs to gel here that is not gelling. The pieces are not quite fitting. The bottom one is the original. I changed it, loosening up a bit, getting closer to what I want for this piece. It's amazing how control ruins a piece of artwork. It's good to have control, restraint. It's just better if you have a little of both. If you can let the ideas come, freely flow out of you, then temper them with the knowledge you have, then the piece will be better than if you had simply insisted on one idea without letting your intuition have a say.

In the end, I will probably re-draw it. I think I get into the trap of laziness. Wanting the process to be faster. I remember a great quote from "Art and Fear." "It's not that the art making process is slow, it's that the artist imagines it to be fast." It went something like that.

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