Thursday, October 30, 2008

On Inspiration

I think that it would be faire to include here something that goes into the "Of Gold and Morning Light" series. The inspiration for the story is a woman, Irish folklore and the works of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm (Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Snow White, specifically). A muse is a powerful thing. Whatever speaks to you is your muse. It is a product of the sublime. Websters states that sublime is:

adj. 1. awakening feelings of awe and reverence. 2. exalted; grand; majestic. 3. supreme; unexcelled: v.t. -limed, -liming, 1. to render sublime or noble. 2. in Chemistry, to cause (a solid) to change directly into a vapour by heat and then condense directly back to a solid state: v.t. to undergo this change of states.

I think I have spoken on the feelings of reverence and awe and I think these are pretty self explanatory. I want to focus on the verbs. The Romantics made art to elevate their experiences of the sublime to canvas or paper to inspire the sublime in others. They were rendering their work sublime or noble. They were attempting to bring their art to the level of Godhead, that experience of extreme, unequalled awe. I think it can be said that we all do the same thing with our own art. why even put it on paper unless there is something inspiring to relate, something sublime? We translate it through our lenses to render our ideas more noble that others might see them as noble and share in the experience of awe that inspired it.

I like the verb tense of this word that suggests a state change from a solid to a vapour (by heat) to a soild. I think that is what we are doing. We are starting with a solid, ourselves. Then, through the heat of the experience, the feelings of awe, and the formation of idea - the vapour - we are able to transliterate those experiences into another solid object (the finished piece).

I must give all credit for this exploration to the latest blog post at Archetypal Theatre's blog site. Check this site out. Her words will inspire you and her work will do the same. Oh, and buy some of her dolls! She is an amazing doll artist. You can link to her website and Etsy store via this blog by links to the right.

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