Thursday, October 16, 2008

Faerie Con - The Journey and Our Adventures There

Well, I have returned from my sojourn into Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Faerie Con was great! We stayed in The Castle bed and breakfast. It was a large house built to herald the arrival of a successful personage. Go to to see it. I highly recommend staying there. We stayed in the Library Room. If you go, tell Ellie that Justin and Sarah recommended you to them.

Once we got to Faerie Con we talked to many inspirational people. Some of them I hope will remain friends for years to come. Here is a list of those we met, along with their websites (if available).

-Michael Hague - (one whose illustrations will be remembered as other classical illustrators are today. A true visionary)
-Kinuko Craft - (she and Mahlon were wonderful)
-Mahlon Craft -
-Larry McDougal and P.A. Lewis - (both are lovely people; illustratours sure to be remembered for their beautiful visions. Thanks guys)
-Virginia Lee - (another wonderful illustratour and a beuatiful person. Best of luck to you!)
-Charles Vess -
-John and Caitlin Matthews - (another awesome creative duo!)
-Ari Berk -
-Toby and Wendy Froud - (Wendy and Toby were there, not Brian)
-Fairy Woodland - (a wonderful, whimsical craftsman)
-Fantasiation - (congrats on your commission with Ms. Zimmerman!)
-The Mushroom Lady - (lovely work! Sweet music choice on your site, too ;p)
-Basement Books - Donna Rankin (very nice lady... if you see this, keep that Wensel dwarf book for me ;p)
-Tate and Company -
-Claudia D. Newcorn - (author of "Crossover." Buy this book!)
-Optivion - (up and comers. Check 'em out!)
-Meghan - (a wonderful person and artist!)
-Alexa Galtman - (another up and comer. Check her out!)
-Dave Windham - (an awesome guy and a great concept! This is going to be a comic. I recommend checking this guy out post-haste)

These are the people I can remember from the many conversations I had. There were many. I hope all of you were duly represented here and may this help bring you some exposure. Thanks for an awesome weekend everyone!

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